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Beck-Beckn Manx

Beckn Cats (Linda D. Beck)

(303) 507-1928

Vagary Manx

Vagary Manx (Gale Thomas-Goodman)

North Carolina
email: Gale Thomas-Goodman
(210) 262-2349

Katskans Manx

Katskans Manx (Susan Murphy)

(706) 650-2215

Tynwald Manx

Tynwald Manx (Sydney Brosnan)

email: Sydney Brosnan
(520) 642-1044

Manx Cat Gift Shoppe

JUSTABUM Manx Cattery

Virginia Ann Quick - Scappoose, OR 97056

Contact Agent:
for inquiries, please use our contact form.

Fuzzy Foot Manx

Manx by Fuzzy-Foot (Cathy & Jim Dinesen)

email: Cathy & Jim Dinesen

Faeriertail Manx Cattery

Faeriertail Manx Cattery (Lyssa Paull)

Kenton, Washington
email: Lyssa

ManxStation Manx Cattery

ManxStation Manx Cattery (Vicci Webberly)

Upstate New York
email: Vicci

Rose Thorn Manx Cattery

Rose Thorn Manx Cattery (Janine Rostron)

Calgary, Alberta
email: Janine
phone: (403) 620-0865

Manximus Manx Cattery

Manximus Manx Cattery (John Richardson)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
email: John


 Manx Health ResourcesTop of Page (Dr. Susan Little's Website)
for pedigree cat breeders and fanciers

email: Dr. Susan Little

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Cat Fancier's Association

Cat Fanciers' Association

World's Largest Registry of Pedigreed Cats

Manx Cat Gift Shoppe

Manx Cat Gift Shoppe

This web store is for the benefit of the American Manx Club, a non-profit affiliate club of the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA).

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Karim's (Karen Clanin)
Are you looking for an artist's painting of your pet?

email: Karen Clanin

Clacritter Original Animal Stamps

Clācritter Designs By Leslie
Original Animal Design Stamps

Johnson City, TX 78636
(830) 868-4272