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I am Margaret, or "memma" as my friends and family call me; my cattery is called ZNoTailz Manx.

ZNoTailz spent several years researching Manx, going to shows to meet the Manx breeders who were showing their best Manx. There were tons of questions to ask and answers to digest. Many breeders were generous with their knowledge about the Manx. We spent hours studying the Manx pedigrees to see what past breedings had produced. We learned about Manx health, maintenance, genetics, conformation, and much more.

There was also tons of information to find on the internet & in books. New genetic research and testing has been instrumental in giving breeders a better understanding of their breed which helps them avoid genetic faults. We found that we had to study our breed Standard (found on the CFA website) to understand the goals of our breed.

We met a group of breeders who have each been breeding & showing Manx for about thirty years. They have been sharing their Manx among each other and know the genetics they are working with. They know that each of their catteries is kept meticulously clean & disease free. They trust one another. They have continuity of type & health in their Manx - and they have outstanding Show Manx!

This is what I wanted, too.

Sydney Brosnan was gracious enough to "Mentor" me for which I am forever grateful. She offered me one of her Grand Premiers to take as my personal companion, my bed buddy, and to show toward a Regional Winner's placement. This wonderful Manx was experienced at showing & lovingly taught me the ropes that first season. This is not to say I didn't have to learn how to condition & groom a Show cat -no simple task.

My family has always been the center of my life, and now I have Grandchildren & Great grandchildren to bounce on my knee [until they get too big for that].

Adding to my joy, several of my Grandchildren are fascinated with the Manx as much as I am. They have learned to groom & show the Manx & especially like to tell the spectators about them. We have had the best times together, driving to & from the shows, sharing our ideas, hopes & dreams.