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ZNoTailz Closing Shop
(posted: 05/15/2015)

Yes, it is true.

After many rewarding years of caring for and raising my beloved Manx I am now going to disperse my ZNoTailz cattery as soon as possible.

I have some health issues that prevent me continuing with my sweet Manx.

Because time is an issue, the price of each will be discounted to half our normal $300 plus vetting.
There are some beautiful youngsters that will make some families great pets.

If you are interested in taking any of my Queens or Studs into your breeding programs send me an email.

Many of our Queens & Studs found new homes with other Manx Breeders around the world.

We are delighted to announce that we are mentoring two wonderful Manx Fanciers who will be taking several of our Queens & Studs into their catteries to protect & promote our Ancient & Unique Breed here in California....we will be introducing them in the Spring.

All our Manx are up-to-date with their inocs & worming.

Most of the Pedigrees are also on Pawpeds

Thank You All

Margaret (mema) MesserQuick

INTERNATIONAL & USA: Manx Cats, Manx Kittens, Manx News, Manx Ideas, Manx Information, Manx Available...
(posted: 01/01/2015)

***Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders and Veterinarians (Hardcover)***
(posted: 01/01/2015)

Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders & Veterinarians 4th Edition is an essential purchase for all breeders of pedigreed cats, practicing small animal veterinarians and veterinary undergraduates. This fully revised edition re-establishes Genetics for Cat Breeders as the text of choice in the field of feline genetics.

<purchase on-line>

New Book About Manx
(posted: 10/23/2014)

Colette Anderson, author of several breed-specific pet books has released her latest on Manx Cats:

Manx Cats, The Pet Owner's Guide to Manx Cats and Kittens, Including Buying, Daily Care, Personality, Temperament, Health, Diet, Clubs and Breeders

Colette approached ZNoTailz for assistance in her research for creating the book, so obviously, we think it's great!

The book is available in both Paperback and in Kindle Format.

We recommend it highly and wish Colette the best of luck.

(posted: 04/20/2013)

Feline Fanciers:
Our first edition of our Web site & Blog "WELOVEMANXCATS" was published today.
I have had a lot of fun- learning as I go -with this sharing of ideas.

It will be divided up into different Categories: "Breeding, Environment, Exhibiting, Grooming, Train Your Cat, Breed Standard".....

I hope that you will find it fun & educational.
Here is the WELOVEMANXCATS web site & Blog

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ZNoTailz Establishes Worldwide Partnership to Preserve the Manx Gene Pool
(posted: 03/23/2013)

ZnoTailz is thrilled to announce AUSTRALIANA MANX, a select group of international Manx breeders cooperating to INSURE the health and viability of the Manx gene pool worldwide.

Manx in the USA have had the advantage of dedicated MANX Breeders who have preserved the Unique Manx characteristics of this Ancient Breed that originally evolved on the ISLE OF MAN - isolated in the Irish Sea. Keeping the Manx gene pool FREE of out-crossing to other breeds or random-bred felines that have genetic anomalies in their gene pool, this always was the primary goal.

That being the case, in the USA, the Pedigree Registered Manx have developed into a healthy & robust breed that are sought after by all Manx Breeders & Fanciers around the world.

Some Manx fanciers & breeders "outside the USA" have been, unfortunately, using other breeds or random-bred felines [street cats] in their Manx breedings. This practice has brought some undesirable genetic anomalies into their gene pools: some lethal, some impairing, and others simply cosmetic. Isolating & limiting the sharing of their Manx with other breeders around the world.

In order to combat this ever-growing limitation, ZNoTailz, in cooperation with other select CFA Manx breeders, will begin the first of the 2013 & 2014 exportations of USA CFA registered Manx to AUSTRALIA. (And to the UK in 2014) This will provide the nucleus for these Manx Breeders to develop a gene pool free of out-cross genetic anomalies.

Watch for ZNOTAILZ MANX & AUSTRALIANA MANX & MANNKAYT MANX in the USA CFA & TICA shows (before exportation begins). In 2014 the CFA & TICA & CQI (Cats Queensland Inc ) registered imports will be featured in their Australian shows.
We just placed their photos in the photo Gallery Here:

ZNoTailz is truly excited and satisfied to be part of preserving this wonderful breed of felines and to share them with Manx Fanciers around the world who treasure the breed's unique characteristics.

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(posted: 01/01/2014)

This is our Black & White Tuxedo Manx male "Toones"
looking through the hole...................................>
Companion-Sidekick- Personal Assistant:
"You're working on the computer? Let me press the keys. Reading the paper? I'll hold the pages down for you. Watching TV? I'll just plop in your lap so you can pet me. I love an orderly household, don't you? I'll help you with all your chores, and I'll help you relax when we're done. You'll wonder how you ever managed without me."
Pictured in our photo gallery

STRONG, HEALTHY, ROBUST MANX KITTENS OFTEN READY FOR THEIR VENTURE INTO THIS BIG WONDERFUL WORLD. Our kitties are our pets first and foremost. They sleep in our beds, come running upon hearing water running in the bath or shower, play a good game of fetch, nap in the sink, curl up on the couch next to us and are always under foot in the kitchen. Our Manx are raised with plenty of love and affection, and are extremely well socialized with children and adults alike.
This is one of the OLDEST NATURAL cat breed in the world [NOT man-made].
This particular bloodline of cats evolved on the ISLE OF MAN in the IRISH SEA .
BRAVE-BOLD-ADVENTURERS best describes their personalities which are unlike any other cat breed.
They also have the most unique conversational voice which no other breed makes. It is like a cross between a purr and the sound a bird makes, a kind of soft "trill" or "chirpping" mostly used to converse with their youngsters or loved ones. One of their most amusing sounds is like a squirrel chattering -when the Manx is terribly excited about a bird or squirrel outside their window.
I can say that anyone that has ever had a Manx, especially a ZNoTailz Manx, not only would find it hard to live without one, but most find it hard to have only one
Another very special trait of the Manx which makes them different from some modern day Breeds is their way of bonding with their family, having a special unique bond with each member. Knowing what everyone likes best, & caters to that person's fancy. Willing to fetch their special toy for you. Manx are always smiling, willing to have a good romp. Always look up, when missing your Manx, because they love to find "high places" to view their domain~! But snuggling close when you are resting, sharing your favorite pillow & blanket.
They are so very rare that there are only a few countries in the world that have these Registered Manx and we are so proud to be perpetuating this magnificent Breed for others to enjoy. They live into their late teens & often live to be as old as 20 years old and they never appear to be old staying young looking and active. So there is a LONG committment when you bring a ZNoTailz Manx into your family.
You can find out more about this unique breed, considered to be one of the oldest NATURAL [Not man made] evolving cat breed in the world
at the following links



When I do not have a Manx available I can recommend Manx from my close friends that I partner with on Manx. Be sure to ask~!

Looking forward to hearing from you,
please use our CONTACT-US form.
use our Contact Us form

Margaret [memma] Messer Quick

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ZNoTailz Manx Showing on the East Coast
(posted: 01/01/2014)

We have the next show kitten all lined up for the fall & winter shows.
She is a beautiful Brown Classic Tabby kitten, watch for her~!:
Magic & Too Sweet's daughter will be going to Jo Graziano -to be shown on the East Coast.